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Rosie Ferguson


This session looks at establishing a space for child-led, process-focused creation and creativity. We’ll look at what to include in your creative space, setup suggestions, managing the mess, keeping everyone safe, and more. We’ll also dig in to why process-focused creation spaces like this are more child-friendly and learning-rich than product-focused alternatives.

What will I learn from the course?

In this webinar recording you will collect ideas for setting up a process-focused craft center. Learn ideas for managing the creative space and acquire a deeper appreciation for Process in children’s creative projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

The session is suited to anyone working with or caring for children. 

We suggest that you an allow 1hr to watch the video and complete the assessment/reflection

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You will have immediate access to the course, to complete in your own time.

All participants will complete a reflection/assessment which is personally responded to by one of our course facilitators before you receive your certificate. 

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