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Our story began in 2003, when we found ourselves working today in a preschool room in a 39 place long day care service in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW. 

In 2008, we officially began our new life as early childhood consultants with the birth of our company - Inspired EC. 

How is Inspired EC Different? 

We have always said that our role in our work is not to provide educators and services with "the answers" but to support them to consider their unique context and engage in research, reflective practice and evolve to meet the needs of the children, families and communities in which they work. 

In addition to previously working as educators, nominated supervisors and educational leaders, we currently are the approved providers for Inspired Family Day Care - a service that we started due to demand for nature based, risk friendly and community focused family day care. 

In 2018, we became the first Australian providers for the TimberNook Program - a nature based program underpinned by sound occupational therapy insight - when we opened TimberNook Newcastle. 

This current, practical experience sets us apart - we understand where you are at... because we are right there with you!

How has our team evolved? 

Since our early days in 2008, we have grown our team and continue to find new and inspiring ways to work with educators, services and parents around Australia and Internationally. We now have a team of passionate people who work together to ensure that educators and services have the best training, support, resources and opportunities. 

Why online training? 

Over the last few years, our schedules have become busier and busier. We have travelled all over Australia as well as to New Zealand, The UK, The USA and Asia. While we love visiting services, we recognise that it is simply not possible to effectively support everyone - particularly those in rural and remote locations. By making training accessible, and personal, in our online learning community, we know that we will be able to connect with even more educators in meaningful ways. 

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Face to Face Training

In addition to our online training, we provide public and bespoke (in house) training. 


Supporting You

We offer a range of consultancy and support for educators and early childhood services


Playground Design

As nature play advocates, collaborating with services to design and develop playgrounds is a delight.


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