"These mini-courses are a fantastic way to refresh your knowledge, improve your practices and reflect on your own pedagogy. They dont dominate your time, nor expect much in return, just a reply on your perspective of what you've learnt. I always look for these courses, they are an advantage to all early childhood educators."



This session looks at setting up a creative space for kids to tinker, create, muck about, and build with loose parts. Whether they’re building spaceships, zombie traps, or the worlds tallest cardboard box tower, such play offers a learning rich creative outlet.

What will I learn from the course?

Collect ideas for setting up a tinkering space. Learn ideas for managing the tinkering space and acquire a deeper appreciation for the value of fiddling around with odds, ends, bits, and pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

The is suited to anyone working with children in long day care, preschools, family day care, OSHC and schools. 

We suggest that the course is the equivalent of 1hr of face to face learning, however we recognise that all learners are different. There is content within the course that may take additional time. 

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation details with your login information. 

You will have immediate access to the course, to complete in your own time.

All participants will complete a reflection/assessment which is personally responded to by one of our course facilitators before you receive your certificate. 

Are you ready to register?

If you're sitting there now thinking.... YES, YES, YES! (and why wouldn't you be?) You can register for the mini course right now!

The Debrief Package

With the Debrief Package services can now register multiple educators for a mini course, and book in a follow up live zoom session for a few weeks later with one of our trainers to reflect on the course.