What is it?

 After a few tough years without conferences (gee thanks COVID!) we are BAAACK! And we are coming back in retro "mixed tape" style. Unleash your inner 80's/90's (and if you are too young to remember winding a cassette back with a pencil - google it and get the feelings!) as we share all of our "greatest hits"

We are bringing our absolute favourite sessions and topics to the beautiful Sapphire Coast for an inspiring 1 DAY conference event... and we want you to join us. 

The conference will include a keynote, multiple workshops, amazing food - all in a beautiful venue (and don't forget the awesome people!)

What's on the agenda?


We will kick off the day with a welcome - it will feel so good to reconnect with educators again at a live event (sure, zoom is great when it means you can stay home in your PJ's, but there is nothing quite like getting out and feeling the energy in a room filled with passionate educators!

An addition to an inspiring keynote presentation (stay tuned for the finer details on that one), Tash, Nic and Emma will be sharing their favourite things in a variety of workshops. 

We'll be sharing the full details of the workshops very soon, but for now - you can see the topics over here >>


Enjoy a day of inspiration, reflection, connection and FUN!


We want to see your awesome self there... so what are you waiting for?? This link will take you to our booking website where you can enter attendee details and make payment.