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We love visiting services and working with a whole team on a range of topics. We will work with you, either face-to-face or online, to explore a range of practical strategies and consider important developmental theory and research that shapes the way in which we support children.

In-House On-Demand Live Events Packages
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We will provide you with recommendations, resources and support catered to your unique practice and challenges!

On-Demand Training

Why online training?

Over the last few years, our schedules have become busier and busier. We have travelled all over Australia as well as to New Zealand, The UK, The USA and Asia. While we love visiting services, we recognise that it is simply not possible to effectively support everyone - particularly those in rural and remote locations.

By making training accessible, and personal, in our online learning community, we know that we will be able to connect with even more educators in meaningful ways.

We have always said that our role in our work is not to provide educators and services with "the answers" but to support them to consider their unique context and engage in research, reflective practice and evolve to meet the needs of the children, families and communities in which they work.

In addition to previously working as educators, nominated supervisors and educational leaders, we currently are the approved providers for Inspired Family Day Care - a service that we started due to demand for nature based, risk friendly and community focused family day care.

This current, practical experience sets us apart - we understand where you are at... because we are right there with you!

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Inspired EC Online Memberships

Attending a one-off training session or conference is great, but often once the event is over we move on to the next thing, or get dragged back into our work quicker than you can say "how good was that keynote speaker?"

Instead, we can offer you the opportunity to engage in monthly training and access a hub of information, resources and support, ensuring that you gain momentum in your role.

  • From 'In Writing' to Inspired: The Educational Leader Membership
  • Home Is Where The Care Is: The Family Day Care and Home Based Care Membership
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Inspired EC Mini Courses

They may be small, but they are packed with information, ideas and inspiration. Each mini course features four lessons, as well as a welcome and reflection/assessment. They are a combination of text, images, article links, videos and more!

Online Learning Courses

Our larger courses and other opportunities provide a more time intensive and deeper focus on various topics. These courses allow educators to really dig into a topic and gain even greater understanding, insight and growth in their practice.

 And MORE!
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're not sure what support you need, we recommend booking in a FREE 15 minute initial consultancy call. This allows you to unpack your challenges, concerns, or ideas with one of our experienced consultants, who can recommend best next steps.

Yes! We love coming to visit services. Depending on your location, there may be travel costs involved. We recommend booking a free initial consultancy call below to discuss your needs with our team. We can then put together a quote for you for onsite support.

We are in the process of setting up long term training and support packages and will be adding these to our site over the coming weeks and months.

Live Events and Workshops

Live, Online Webinars

We pride ourselves on the relationships that we form with the educators that we meet and connect with online. There is nothing quite like getting together and discussing, reflecting and growing. Doing that in an online space is not easy, but through personalised responses from our consultants, participants will feel the support of a community of learners.

While live attendance is preferable and more engaging, we recognise that this is not always possible. These recordings upon purchasing, will include the recording of one of our live sessions and a reflective assessment to complete.

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Inspired EC Events and Workshops

We love being able to offer a wide range of workshops and events - both in person and online but there is nothing quite like getting out and feeling the energy in a room filled with passionate educators!

Since our early days in 2008, we have grown our team and continue to find new and inspiring ways to work with educators, services and parents around Australia and Internationally. We now have a team of passionate people who work together to ensure that educators and services have the best training, support, resources and opportunities.

It's been a rough couple of years for live training and events... but we're coming back with a bang! Places are limited - so we suggest checking in regularly and getting in quick!!

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Inspired EC Conferences

The Inspired Mixed Tape conference will be suited to anyone working in the early education and care sector. We will have workshops, covering a wide range of topics and interests, designed to support anyone working with children in long day care, preschools, family day care, OSHC and schools.

These conferences will include keynotes, multiple workshops, amazing food - all in a beautiful venue (and don't forget the awesome people!)

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"We’ve been very fortunate to have had the support of Tash and the Inspired EC team. Tash has provided us with continuing training, Educational Leader support, Management support and Assessment and Rating preparation. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, her knowledge is deep and wide-ranging and her genuine desire to make a difference is infused in everything she does. We’re grateful to have Tash’s help to guide us in continuously reflecting and improving our practice towards a more authentic experience for the children in our care. Working with Tash is undoubtedly the best investment we’ve made. Thank you Tash!"

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In-House Training

An in-house training session is a great way to get your whole team or organisation on the same page.

When you have selected a topic or topics that interest you and your team, click the 'Get a Quote Now' button or send us an email. Our training manager, Keilla, will review your email and arrange a detailed quote inclusive of travel (based out of Newcastle, NSW).

We will be in contact with you throughout this process to ensure that the session is customised to best suit the needs of your team or organisation.


Training Packages

The Grow Team Package

Do you find it challenging to coordinate training for your team? Let us take the hard work out of it! With the Grow Team Package services can now inspire, motivate and educate their team throughout the year, without the stress of having to ask "have you finished that training yet?"

When all of your educators complete the same training, it makes it far easier to implement change and improve practice. By also having access to one of our implementation workbooks, we can support your educators to take what they learn in the courses and implement it effectively within the service.

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The Debrief Package

In the past several years, so many educators from so many services have completed our Mini-Courses and webinars. Now, we want to offer a more in-depth experience for services. With our "Debrief Package", you can register each educator on your team for the same mini-course or recorded webinar, which they can complete in their own time, and then get together - virtually - for a debrief session with one of our experienced trainers!

Our trainers will facilitate reflective practice among your team, supporting educators to consider, and discuss the implications that the course may have for your service. This is a great way to get everyone on the same page and to develop a shared vision or direction for your team.

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