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Inspired EC Learning Community

Providing courses, interviews, discussions and more, featuring our passionate Inspired EC Team and other amazing thinkers from all over the globe. 

Who are we? 

Inspired EC was established in 2008 by "professional soulmates" Tash Treveton and Nicole Halton. With over 18years each in the early childhood sector, Nic and Tash have an abundance of experience, stories and wisdom to share.

With an attitude of growth, fun and connection, Inspired EC has evolved into an organisation that works closely with educators and services around Australia and internationally, providing training, resources, consultancy services and much more.


How is our online learning community different?

We pride ourselves on the connections that we form with the educators that we meet. There is nothing quite like getting together and discussing, reflecting and growing. Doing that in an online space is not easy, but through personalised responses from our consultants, participants will feel the support of a community of learners. 

Each course will include the opportunity to receive personalised feedback. 


"Timely length of each module enables access with a busy work- life schedule."

Family Day Care Educator

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