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The Grow Team Package is applicable for all currently available mini courses.



Up to 10 Participants (Digital)



Do you find it challenging to coordinate training for your team? Let us take the hard work out of it! Our new Grow Team package is the perfect way to inspire, motivate and educate your team throughout the year. The package includes:

  • Access to 4 mini courses each for up to 10 educators - choose from our wide range of topics (for additional educators, contact us for custom pricing)
  • An implementation workbook for each topic and each educator (printed or digital versions available)
  • Digital feedback forms for educators to complete after the courses
  • 4 x 30 minute zoom debrief sessions with your educational leader at the completion of each mini course - this allows us to recommend the next suitable course for your team, and customise your professional learning journey.
  • 1 x 1hr live debrief session with your whole team at the end of the year, to discuss what they have learned, how they have implemented changes and how they have evolved as a team.
  • Monthly email updates from us, advising of your teams progress.

Mini Course Frequently Asked Questions

Inspired EC mini courses are suited to anyone working in the early education and care sector. These mini course are designed to support anyone working with children in long day care, preschools, family day care, OSHC and schools. Inspired EC will guide you to consider your unique context, engage in research and reflective practice, and evolve to meet the needs of the children, families and communities in which you work.

In addition to previously working as educators, nominated supervisors and educational leaders, we currently are the approved providers for Inspired Family Day Care - a service that we started due to demand for nature based, risk friendly and community focused family day care.

This current, practical experience sets us apart - we understand where you are at... because we are right there with you!

We suggest that each course is the equivalent of 1hr of face to face learning, however we recognise that all learners are different. There is content within the course that may take additional time.

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation details with your login information.

You will have immediate access to the course, to complete in your own time. The course may include written content, images, videos, article links, ideas and inspiration.

All participants will complete a reflection/assessment which is personally responded to by one of our course facilitators before you receive your certificate.


We know that you will love the topics that we have on offer!

Be sure to check back regularly and subscribe to our mailing list for new opportunities!

Each mini course is broken down into 4 lessons including both a welcome to the course and a Reflection assessment where each participant will receive personal feedback from our course facilitators.

Our mini courses are designed to be inspiring and practical - connecting theory, ideas and inspiration with strategies and actionable steps that will enhance your practice in your work with children.

How can I customise this package?

You get to choose the four mini course topics from our wide range - in consultation with our team.

You can choose to have the implementation workbooks sent digitally or printed and posted to the service.

Our team will provide specific feedback and updates.


What are the benefits of this package?

When all of your educators complete the same training, it makes it far easier to implement change and improve practice.

The implementation workbooks support your educators to take what they learn in the courses and implement it effectively within the service.

We handle the organisation and the admin!


How does this make it easier for the service?

You provide us with the name and email address of each educator and we will do the registrations for each mini course.

We keep any eye on the progress of your educators and update you monthly - saving you from having to ask "have you finished that training yet?


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