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The Outdoor Educator Membership


Why an Outdoor Educator's Membership?

Do you have a champion for your outdoor environment and program? Do they need support? Would they benefit from an opportunity to problem-solve and get inspired by other outdoor champions? Would they love outdoor-specific, self-paced training on tap?

Our online memberships are designed to empower educators, services and organisations by bringing the tools, knowledge, resources and community they need to excel into one accessible platform. Whether you are new to your role and not sure where to start, or if you are more experienced and looking for inspiration to bring your practice to the next level, the Outdoor Educator Membership has it all:

  • Comprehensive outdoor-specific, self-paced training modules
  • Networking opportunities with fellow outdoor champions
  • Problem-solving resources and insights from within the sector
  • Inspiration to take your outdoor program to new heights

An overview

Your Membership Includes All The Tools You Need To Become An Expert Outdoor Educator!

Elevate your teaching with practical insights, thought-provoking reflections, and a treasure trove of engaging materials. Whether you're amidst the bustling city or nestled in a rural setting, our membership bridges the gap, ensuring every educator has access to a wealth of knowledge. Our membership offers a unique blend of training, resources, and shared experiences, tailored to ignite the passion for outdoor education.

Your Membership Inclusions:

  • Library of Self-paced modules: Access a¬†new training module featuring videos, articles, reflective prompts, information and downloadable worksheets every month.
  • Monthly Live Zoom:¬†A live Q&A style online session each month, where our facilitators will explore challenges, questions, ideas and more with members.
  • Discounts and Bonuses:¬†Access special discounts and¬†savings on training and resources available at the Inspired Natural Play Store and Inspired Learning Community.
  • Resource Library:¬†Access to a frequently updated resource library¬†with links, articles, tools and inspiration
  • PLUS A Reflective Journal Starter

Imagine having access to ongoing learning, support and community to help you grow and thrive as an outdoor educator...

An overview

What are the benefits of our membership?


Attending a one-off training session or conference is great, but often once the event is over we move on to the next thing, or get dragged back into our work quicker than you can say "how good was that keynote speaker?" 

Instead, we can offer you the opportunity to engage in monthly training and access a hub of information, resources and support, ensuring that you gain momentum in your role. 

With our recurring monthly payment option, your membership will be maintained for as long as you need, with the option to cancel at any time (we get it - not everyone stays in their role forever!)



Current thoughts and attitudes about outdoor play

How outdoor play supports sensory processing

Wellbeing and Involvement




Auditing Your Outdoor Environment

An introduction to indoor/outdoor programming and routines

Planning for Change

Emotional Benefits

Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Play Affordance

Advocating for Outdoor Play

Understanding the 8 categories of Risky Play and their benefits

Loose Parts


Every month a new, inspiring module is added to the membership. You can pick and choose which module you start and when!

Join a community where you will be supported and inspired to be the very best educator that you can be. 

Why should you trust us to support you?

In addition to previously working as educators, nominated supervisors and educational leaders, we currently are the approved providers for Inspired Family Day Care and Inspired OSHC, as well as providers of TimberNook Newcastle - Australia's first TimberNook site!

Our passion lies in nature based education, but what really sets us apart is our approach to working with early childhood professionals. We do not believe that it is up to us, or anyone for that matter, to give all the answers. We pride ourselves on asking the questions and supporting educators to come up with their own answers.

This current, practical experience sets us apart - we understand where you are at... because we are right there with you!

Just as we believe that children are competent, capable learners, able to hypothesise, problem solve and create - the same applies to the adults that we are lucky enough to work with. We have always said that our role in our work is not to provide educators and services with "the answers" but to support them to consider their unique context and engage in research, reflective practice and evolve to meet the needs of the children, families and communities in which they work.

We look forward to working with you.

Are we a good fit?

Why should you join a membership for outdoor educators? Is 'Learning with Nature: Inspiration and Support for the Outdoor Educator' the right fit for you?

Let’s find out!


  • You¬†work with children in long day care, preschool, family day care, OSHC or school
  • You are ready to think deeper about your role
  • You are committed to your ongoing professional development
  • You like to have a little bit of fun while you learn¬†

Choose Your Payment Option

  • Monthly Modules (Valued at $35/month)
  • Sense of Community and Connection¬†($Priceless)
  • Live online monthly sessions¬†(Valued at $27/month)
  • Regular check-in emails from us ($Priceless)
  • Extra bonuses, discounts and offers ($Priceless)
  • Resource Library ($Priceless)



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