Unpacking the 8 Ways with Uncle Wayne



We are delighted to introduce, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Worimi/Biripi man Uncle Wayne Anderson, this deep dive into the 8 Aboriginal Ways of Thinking developed as a pedagogy framework native to the Western Region of NSW.

Each month from February and continuing until November of 2023, Uncle Wayne will lead an interactive discussion about different elements of the 8 Ways and how they can be implemented in our day to day practice and reflection. This course can be accessed by anyone and anywhere in Australia, they are a bridge between our pedagogies that the owners of this knowledge want to share.

"Every place, every People, has its own unique pedagogies. These 8 simple ones are merely a starting point for dialogue. Each school will engage in a different way, and can produces its own unique frameworks for Aboriginal education through dialogue with the community about local ways of doing things."

This is a LIVE ONLINE session, where participants will connect to Zoom. Instructions to connect are provided in the online portal which you will be prompted to login to upon completion of your registration.

Please note that the time is Australian (Sydney) Time – please adjust accordingly for your location!

What are the 8 Ways?

“8 ways is something that grew out of a particular ethic, a way of working that goes beyond cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and even cultural responsiveness. It is all about relational responsiveness, a protocol of attending to relational obligations to the field you're working in, relating and responding holistically to people, land, Culture, language, spirit and the relationships between these with integrity and intellectual rigour. 8ways is a point of entry into this way of knowing. It is a way to develop relationally responsive practice in the way you work with your Aboriginal Community.” – www.8ways.online (used with permission)

"Wonderful session - very informative. Looking forward to unpacking the 8 ways"

Jackie Faranda-Pluke

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Setting of Place

Where are you on the spectrum of cultural competency? What do you know of the 8 Ways of learning?

Story Sharing

Approaching learning through narrative. We connect through the stories we share.

Community Links

Centering local viewpoints, applying learning for Community benefit. We bring new knowledge home to help our mob.

Learning Maps

Explicitly mapping/visualising processes. We picture our pathways of knowledge.


Modelling and scaffolding, working from wholes to parts (watch then do). We work from wholes to parts, watching and then doing.

Symbols and Images

Using images and metaphors to
understand concepts and content. We keep and share knowledge with art and objects.

Land Links

Place based learning, linking content to local land and place. We work with lessons from land and nature.


Producing innovations and understanding by thinking laterally or combining systems.


Applying intra personal and kinesthetic skills to thinking and learning. We see, think, act, make and share without words.

Frequently Asked Questions

The is suited to anyone working with children in long day care, preschools, family day care, OSHC and schools. 

Each webinar is scheduled for up to an hour-and-a-half. Please allow for generally 75-80 minutes of content as well as time for questions with your facilitator following the event.

Yes. You do not need a zoom account, you can simply connect using the instructions provided upon completion of your registration.

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation details with your login information which will grant you immediate access to the online portal, to complete any recorded content in your own time.

Yes. Although live attendance is definitely recommended (it is a great opportunity to feel connected!), we understand that you may not be able to make it along – things happen! A recording of the live session will be uploaded to the online learning portal, as well as any resources provided by the facilitator. Please allow 2-3 business days for the recording to come through.

What comes next?

If you have come away from attending these sessions and are wondering... 'Just what are the journals Uncle Wayne keeps referencing?' Look no further! We have embedded the 8 Ways of learning, in consultation with Uncle Wayne, as a monthly discussion in our Reflective Journals designed to support you in taking the knowledge you have gained here to further embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives into your everyday practice.

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